How to Clean Your Driftwood Furniture



The driftwood has a number of applications right from commercial establishments to household decorations. Today, designers are using this wood to create buttons, lamp stands, dining tables, candle holders, frames (for mirrors, pictures, paintings, chalkboards), wind chimes, wreathes, necklaces jewelry & key holders, side tables, coffee tables, fireplace mantels and wall hangings. If you have one of these items, you are lucky enough to find this unique piece, but the most important concern is how to clean it? The nature has already removed their debris and the designer has already given a smooth finish. When you start using them, dust and other particles may start lingering in your driftwood item.

driftwood_christmas_tree_close_up-465x620Whether you are using driftwood furniture or a driftwood Christmas tree, proper care is highly essential to make them long lasting and look great in your establishment.

Here we have some simple ideas to maintain your driftwood items. Let’s have a look.

Care for indoor usable items:

Oil finish items are great inside your home. They last for a long time and give an impressive look to the interior design. If you enhance their finish, occasional light re-oiling and cleaning with a non-building furniture polish would be great. It’s a natural teak so you have to apply an oil finish in order to make it stain resistant. If you are using the furniture in dining area, you have to take extra care, because, foods and liquid may penetrate and stain your furniture. Use a dry cotton cloth or vacuum cleaner to wash the dust particles.

Care for outdoor use:

Over time, the color of your outdoor furniture may fade a little bit depending upon the specific environment and use. In drier climates, the wood will weather gently and the color will slowly fade, but it has more chances of getting dust. In case of moist climate, the furniture is subject to regular dewfalls and sunshine. So, it will weather rapidly. If you avoid caring for them, the discolored areas will slowly increase and the wood will become weak.

For routine light maintenance follow these methods,

–    Use a wet cloth to clean the dirt or water spots. You can use soap and water to wet the cloth.
–    If the spots are tough, use a laundry detergent or household bleach
–    Use a soft bristle brush to clean the dusts


Collecting and Refinishing the Driftwood Prior to its Reforming


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The present is all about nature. All the trendy colors, texture, patterns, prints, accessories, etc. are borrowed from the nature, signifying awareness of protecting the environment. To cite an example of such an action, making different functional items out of driftwood is a case.

rustic_wood_dining_table-738x492Collecting driftwood

Trend of using driftwood has been in existence since long time. Apart from making home furniture like the driftwood table, it is also used in decorative pieces, hobby crafts, fine arts, as building material. You can have this commercially in craft stores, but getting your own onenaturally along the beach or at some other nature trail is preferred. Driftwood collected from different areas differs in texture, color and size.Using driftwood for home décor and furniture is an innovative idea.

Steps to be followed to refinish the driftwood

Smoothing the Surface of the Driftwood

Before converting the wood piece into something like a driftwood side table, smoothing to take off any rough points is the first step.Nature has already done the major part, but, a few spots need some extra touch to create a rounded and smooth surface.

Pre-Treating the Driftwood

The driftwood is then treated by rubbing its surface with a piece of cloth soaked in a conditioner. After being completely coated, it is left for some times before staining it. This conditioner ensures that applying a stain would create an even finish.

Applying the Stain

Putting on the gloves, rub the stain on the piece of driftwood. The stain must be applied in a circular motion and rubbed well into the wood. Once applied perfectly leave the stain to soak in for some time, depending on how deeply you need the stain to soak.Once your required color is achieved rub out the excess stain.

Applying Polyurethane

The final stage before forming it into a driftwood end table is to apply two thin coats of polyurethane to the whole surface of the driftwood piece, allowing 6 to 8 hours for the first coat to become dry before applying the second coat.

Cleaning Driftwood Making it Available for Carving


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There are few things that must be done to bring the driftwood piece into a condition that will allow the piece to be comfortably transformed into a functional piece.

First steps to driftwood preparation

The driftwood is brushed carefully to loosen sand, dirt and moss from the piece. You can involve the brushing also. Sometimes, a situation may arise when you will have to use smaller brushes to get hold of the open grain, cracks, naturally found in the driftwood. This step is not enough to make your piece of wood ready to be converted to your driftwood kitchen. There are some more steps to follow.

Drying driftwood

The climate of a hot desert suits the best for drying a driftwood piece. The constant breeze and the temperature allow the airflow to penetrate and circulate through the wood drying it completely. Although, it is not essential to expose the piece of driftwood to hot sun, but doing so will give additional benefits. The prior part is enabling the wood to get a good air circulation.

Bleaching driftwood

Driftwood pieces you find are dark colored due to the water and dirt stains on them. Household bleach is added to a few gallons of water, dipping the wood piece into the solution in a shallow pan. Ensure damping all the surfaces of the piecewith the bleaching solution. If in case, the piece becomes larger in size than the container, you can mop on with a rag or paint on the solution with a brush.

Hot desert climate processing advantage

This hot weather along with bleaching helps a lot in killing any kind of germs or creatures in the wood. Exposing the wood in the hot sun for a few dayswill ensure a perfect and clean piece of driftwood, to be used to make some of your preferred kitchen furniture like the driftwood dining table. Along with this the sun carries on bleaching too, making the piece of wood lighter.