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Driftwood is such an object that has given the freedom to play with a lot of shapes and any shape can be a great interior or exterior décor. If you have ideas, you can randomly shape these wood pieces and it really works. In case of professional woodworkers, it successfully works, because, they can pick up two bits of randomly shaped wood and put them together in a way that it looks like an art. If you are trying to design some small objects, I think, you don’t need to be artistic. With most things in life, you should leave it to the professionals.


Wooden objects make a great interior decor as they can be designed according to your wish or theme. If you want to have rustic or countryside look, driftwood sofa table, dining table, mirror, chairs and side table would be a great option. A mirror is a part of our life and we tend to use it frequently throughout the day. So, it needs to be special and unique.

As I have mentioned that arranging driftwood is not a difficult task. You need an artistic hand and some idea to implement. Some of the amateur woodworkers can try this as part of their profession. Below I have mentioned a few steps that will help them create a beautiful mirror.

Step 1: The first step involves preparing driftwood. After getting driftwood, you should wash it to remove salt sand and crud. You have to use any preservation technique for wood-worm.

Step 2: The second step involves, assembling the basic items that include, glue, screws, dowl plugs, brackets, etc.

Step 3: Gather embellishments. You can add shells, rope, tiles or anything that looks fancy.

Step 4: As a beginner, you can shape like anything. But, consider a method or a particular design to assemble the wooden pieces. If you have a new design and you are confused about it, leave it for a say and come back the next day to make it look right.

While designing a driftwood mirror, make sure that you have attached the hook and the shape is ideal for any room.