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If you love decorating your home, the mirror is probably the best option with good reasons. A well-placed mirror enhances views, welcomes natural light and adds oomph to the interior decor. The most important thing is, pairing your mirrors with the perfect location. Here we have some unique ideas that will help you place your mirrors in the right areas of your house.


Today, people bring mirrors having metal frame or finished wood frame, but most of them don’t know much about driftwood. It’s a great option to bring rustic style and classic look. Really, they have some unique decor-uplifting potential. They are also affordable and durable. Let’s have a look at the ideas.

Placing sunburst mirrors:

Over a console

If you have a console table and you want to spice up that table, hang a flashy sunburst driftwood mirror on the wall above it. The mirror will uplift the entire arrangement.

Over your bed

Driftwood mirrors are a great thing to place over your bed.It will fill the blank space over a headboard. It will also enhance the overall look of your bedroom.

A mirror in the kitchen:

If you want to create an instant homier fervor in your kitchen, place a mirror with driftwood frame. You can choose a round shape or a rectangle shape according to your choice, it all works.

Place 2 mirrors on adjacent walls:

This idea really makes a unique statement. Bring two picture frame-like driftwood mirrors according to your own size and place them on two adjacent walls. They will really bounce the light around the room. This trick works well in a dining room

Place an extra-large mirror above your mantel:

It’s a great idea to decorate your drawing room. You can also bring a driftwood sofa table to compliment the overall look. You can fill the entire space above the mantel with a mirror designed with driftwood. It will deliver a rustic look and an idealistic feeling.