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The present is all about nature. All the trendy colors, texture, patterns, prints, accessories, etc. are borrowed from the nature, signifying awareness of protecting the environment. To cite an example of such an action, making different functional items out of driftwood is a case.

rustic_wood_dining_table-738x492Collecting driftwood

Trend of using driftwood has been in existence since long time. Apart from making home furniture like the driftwood table, it is also used in decorative pieces, hobby crafts, fine arts, as building material. You can have this commercially in craft stores, but getting your own onenaturally along the beach or at some other nature trail is preferred. Driftwood collected from different areas differs in texture, color and size.Using driftwood for home décor and furniture is an innovative idea.

Steps to be followed to refinish the driftwood

Smoothing the Surface of the Driftwood

Before converting the wood piece into something like a driftwood side table, smoothing to take off any rough points is the first step.Nature has already done the major part, but, a few spots need some extra touch to create a rounded and smooth surface.

Pre-Treating the Driftwood

The driftwood is then treated by rubbing its surface with a piece of cloth soaked in a conditioner. After being completely coated, it is left for some times before staining it. This conditioner ensures that applying a stain would create an even finish.

Applying the Stain

Putting on the gloves, rub the stain on the piece of driftwood. The stain must be applied in a circular motion and rubbed well into the wood. Once applied perfectly leave the stain to soak in for some time, depending on how deeply you need the stain to soak.Once your required color is achieved rub out the excess stain.

Applying Polyurethane

The final stage before forming it into a driftwood end table is to apply two thin coats of polyurethane to the whole surface of the driftwood piece, allowing 6 to 8 hours for the first coat to become dry before applying the second coat.